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The Process

To better help you understand the timeline and process for your project with CCD, we’ve outlined the operations step by step.

Initial Call

During the initial call to the office, we collect as much information as possible so that we can be prepared with the correct literature when we go out to do the estimate.

The estimator will then contact the customer and set an appointment. When we’re meeting with the customer, we listen to what the customer would like to have done. We then assess the amount of damage and/or work to be done to reach the customers final goal. During the assessment, we look around and try to determine if there were any other factors that caused the problem in the 1st place, such as poor down spout location, poor drainage issues causing a basement to leak or a retaining wall to fail, tree roots heaving the concrete, etc. When we do locate such problems, they are brought to the attention of the customer and then discussed.



After we are done with the initial meeting, we fill out an estimate, either on the spot and hand it to the customer or in the office and then e-mail it out with a follow up call making sure that they received it.

After an agreement is made for CCD to do the work, we set a date and try to adhere to that date. Unfortunately, weather and other circumstances sometimes delay us, at which time we contact the customer and set a new date.


Getting the Job Done Right

When it comes time to do the job, the crew and the estimator meet at the job site with the customer. The project is gone over with the estimator, the customer and the crew so that everyone is on the same page. The crew then starts the job, and if everything goes according to plan, the job gets completed within a day or two. We do not like to surprise the customer with an additional cost that he/she was not aware of. If there are any additional costs to be incurred by the customer, work stops and the customer is brought up to date as to what was found and what needs to be done to correct it.

When the job is completed, we talk with the customer to make sure everything is exactly what they wanted, then advise them on the best way to perform any needed maintenance.